Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

 Event Sponsorship Terms

  1. This Agreement may not be transferred or assigned by the Sponsor without the written permission of Euromoney. Euromoney may transfer, assign and/or delegate this Agreement or Euromoney’s rights and obligations hereunder to any party, with written consent from the Sponsor.  


  1. In addition to the terms set out, or specifically referenced in this Sponsorship Agreement, the Sponsor agrees to comply with all applicable law and regulations.


  1. Euromoney agrees to provide the Sponsorship Benefits and the Sponsor agrees to pay the Fee and undertake the Sponsor Obligations.


  1. Euromoney reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to schedule sponsored speaking slots as best suited to the conference programme.


  1. All merchandise, trade fixtures, equipment and property of any kind which may be on the licensed premises or elsewhere in the exhibit facility shall be at the sole risk and hazard of the Sponsor. None of Euromoney, the Event Venue or the Event Hotel, nor any of their respective officers, directors, agents, affiliates, employees or other representatives (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”), shall be liable for damage to or loss of any such property. The Sponsor shall bear all responsibility for insuring any such property.


  1. Euromoney shall specify, and Sponsors must comply with the specified, hours and dates for installing, occupying and dismantling exhibits. All booth personnel must wear appropriate attire. If for any reason Euromoney objects to an exhibit or its contents, the exhibit will be subject to removal. Euromoney shall be entitled to remove the Sponsor’s exhibit in the event that Euromoney reasonably objects to, without limitation, any persons, things, conduct, printed matter or other item.  In the event of such a removal, Euromoney will not be liable for refunding any fees paid including, without limitation, rental fees or funds paid for exhibit equipment rental. Euromoney reserves the right to adopt any additional rule or regulation, move an exhibit, or take any further action as, in their reasonable opinion, is necessary for the benefit of the Event.


  1. The Sponsor warrants and represents that it has complied with all federal, state, and local licensing requirements and regulatory authorities in the Territories, including SEC, FCA and other financial service regulators disclosure provisions (where applicable), it is properly insured for professional and public liability to the value of (GBP) £1,000,000 and that it will not engage in any misrepresentations or unlawful conduct at the Event.


  1. The Sponsor shall exhibit its company material only at the Sponsor’s Exhibition Space and may not distribute materials on other surfaces in the Event Venue. Other promotional materials distributed, such as newsletters and information sheets for nonaffiliated companies, must receive the prior written approval of Euromoney before their distribution.


  1. Nothing shall be posted on, or tacked, stapled, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floors or other parts of the Event Venue, Event Hotel or any other part of the Event without written permission from Euromoney, Event Venue and/or Event Hotel. Packing, unpacking and assembly of exhibits shall be done only in designated areas and in conformity with directions of Euromoney.  The Sponsor shall not deface, injure or mar in any manner the facilities at the Event Venue, Event Hotel or any other part of the Event.  The Sponsor shall not paint or apply any other permanent covering to any of the walls, floors, ceilings or other areas of the facilities, furnishing or fixtures at the Event Venue, Event Hotel or any other part of the Event. 


  1. All related function or event such as hospitality suites and private functions must be approved in advance through Euromoney. The Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that no function will be held that conflicts with official Euromoney events.


  1. Euromoney shall provide written notice to the Sponsor, in the event it becomes necessary for any reason for Euromoney to change the date of the Event. If it is necessary for Euromoney to change the date of the Event, the Sponsor shall still be bound by this contract.


  1. The Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that Euromoney makes no representations or warranties with respect to the number of attendees or demographic nature of such attendance at the Event.


  1. Euromoney owns and has the right to reproduce any or all of the conference presentations. From time to time photographs, motion pictures and/or video recordings may be made at the Event, which recordings may include images of the Sponsor, its employees, agents, or representatives and related merchandise and displays. The Sponsor shall not hinder, obstruct or interfere in any way with such photography or recordings whether by Euromoney or its agents or representatives and hereby consents to Euromoney’s use of such recordings for commercial purposes.  In connection with the provisions of this paragraph the Sponsor hereby grants Euromoney a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the Sponsor’s trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, copyrighted content, hypertext links, domain names, icons, buttons, banners, graphic files and images solely for promotional purposes of the conference.


  1. It is the Sponsor’s sole responsibility to ensure that it is properly insured which should include adequate Personal Accident and Travel insurance prior to attending the Event. As a matter of good order, the Sponsor should also ensure that it has Employer’s Liability and/or Public Liability insurance cover as is most appropriate. 


  1. The Sponsor is also responsible for ensuring that it has all necessary up to date travel documentation, including but not limited to visas and other entry permits into any jurisdiction and that it complies with all health formalities and any applicable laws in the jurisdiction that the Event is being held.


  1. The Sponsor agrees to maintain adequate insurance to fully protect the Indemnified Parties and all other sponsors and service contractors from any and all claims arising from Sponsor’s activities including, without limitation, the installation, operation or dismantling of any of Sponsor’s exhibits or displays.


  1. The Sponsor shall obtain, at its own expense, adequate insurance against any risk of loss associated with the Event being cancelled, postponed, rescheduled or relocated.


Data Protection

  1. For the purposes of this agreement, “Data Protection Legislation” means (i) the Data Protection Act 1998, until the effective date of its repeal, (ii) the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU/2016/679)) (GDPR), and any related national laws, regulations and secondary legislation for as long as the GDPR is effective in the UK, (iii) the Privacy and Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, as amended, and (iv) and successor legislation to the Data Protection Act 1998, the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, in particular but without limitation the UK Data Protection Bill 2017-19, once it becomes law. The terms “personal data”, “processing”, “controller”, “data subject”, and “personal data breach” shall have the same meaning as in the GDPR.


  1. In relation to the processing of any personal data under or in relation to this agreement, each party shall comply with its respective obligations as a controller under the Data Protection Legislation and any other relevant applicable privacy or data protection laws. In particular, and without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, the party that discloses personal data (the “Disclosing Party”) to the other party (the “Receiving Party”) shall:
    a) where Disclosing Party is the Sponsor, ensure that it has a lawful basis, as required by Article 6 of the GDPR, for any transfer of personal data to both the Receiving Party for the processing activities contemplated by this agreement;
    b) where Disclosing Party is a member of the Euromoney group, Euromoney shall ensure that its affiliates have a lawful basis, as required by Article 6 of the GDPR for any transfer of personal data to Sponsor and for the processing activities contemplated by this agreement.
    c) upon request from the Receiving Party, produce proof of the lawful basis referred to in this clause;
    d) take reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data transferred to the Receiving Party is accurate and up-to-date;
    e) ensure that it has provided data subjects whose personal data is being transferred to the Receiving Party with appropriate notice of the transfer and subsequent processing by the Receiving Party, as required by the Data Protection Legislation; and
    f) ensure that it is not transferring any personal data of a data subject who has withdrawn consent or objected to the processing of their personal data by the Disclosing Party and/or the Receiving Party.


  1. Both parties agree:
    a) to process any personal data which it obtains or holds under or in relation to this agreement only for the purposes of carrying out its obligations under this agreement;
    b) to take appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of or damage to personal data, including without limitation a personal data breach; and
    c) to ensure that any recipient of the other party’s personal data is subject to written contractual obligations concerning the personal data, as required by the Data Protection Legislation;
    d) to comply with the provisions of Article 26 of the GDPR if and to the extent they act as “joint controllers”;
    e) to not transfer any of the other party’s personal data outside the European Economic Area unless it first: (i) notifies the other party in advance of the transfer; (ii) ensures that the transfer is made subject to the execution by Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc and Sponsor of the EU Model Clauses for controller-to-controller data transfers (Commission Decision 2004/915/E), such signed clauses to be appended to this agreement where practicable, or (iii) ensures that the transfer is made in compliance with Articles 45 to 47, inclusive, of the GDPR.
    f) to promptly notify the other party if a data subject whose personal data is processed in connection with this agreement withdraws his or her consent to such processing;
    g) to promptly notify the other party about the receipt of any data subject access request from a data subject whose personal data is processed in connection with the performance of each party’s respective obligations under this agreement, and to provide the other party with reasonable assistance in complying with any such data subject access request, but not to disclose or release any personal data without first consulting the other party wherever possible; and
    h) to notify the other party as soon as possible on becoming aware of any personal data breach concerning personal data processed in connection this this agreement.



The Sponsor shall when communicating with event attendees, whether by email or other methods, prominently disclose within the body of the message that the Sponsor is the sender of the message and the controller of the recipient’s personal data and the primary point of contact for the data subject.


  1. Each party shall indemnify the other against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses suffered or incurred by the indemnified party arising from or out of or in connection with the breach of the Data Protection Legislation and/or any breach of clauses 20 to 24, inclusive, of this agreement by the indemnifying party, its employees or agents, provided that the indemnified party gives to the indemnifier prompt notice of such claim, full information about the circumstances giving rise to it, reasonable assistance in dealing with the claim and sole authority to manage, defend and/or settle it.


  1. This agreement shall be subject to English law and any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court of England & Wales.