Event name

The Euromoney Iran Conference 2018

08 February 2018
Paris, France


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Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Stephenson Harwood LLP

Media Partner

AirFinance Journal

Event Overview

Euromoney will run its second Euromoney Iran Conference in Paris on Thursday 8 February 2018, co-hosted by Bank Makarzi. 

Two years after Implementation Day, Euromoney will once again bring together Iranian bankers and industrial leaders with their international counterparts to discuss and debate the key issues around Iran’s reintegration into the global economy.

The conference will highlight successes in the banking sector so far, the international correspondent banking relationships achieved and the cross border trade finance which is on-going. We will examine the on-the-ground realities of regulation and compliance of Iranian banks and corporates.

The Euromoney Iran conference will showcase the vast investment opportunities which Iran offers in capital markets, oil and gas, aviation, automotive, tourism and insurance.

Given the timeliness of the event, our audience will benefit from gaining clarity on the diverging US/European positions. This is an essential conference for anyone involved with and interested in Iran’s finance and investment landscape.


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H.E. Dr Valiollah Seif

Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Rt Hon Alistair Burt

Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
UK Government

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Abdolnaser Hemmati

President & Head of the High Council of Insurance
Bimeh Markazi of Iran

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Denis Chaibi

Head of the Iranian Task Force
European External Action Service

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Alessandro Decio


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Nicolas Dufourcq

Executive Director
BPI France

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Sean Edwards

Head of Legal

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Bill Farren-Price

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Petroleum Policy Intelligence

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Hamid Ghanbari

Assistant Director, International Finance Department
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Fatemeh Mahjourian

Senior Officer, Anti-Money Laundering
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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Giuseppe Maresca

Director General, Italian Department of Treasury
Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy

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Graeme McLellan

Stephenson Harwood LLP

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Ahmad Sherafat

Senior Adviser to the Minister for International Affairs
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology

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Gordon Welsh

Head of Business Group
UK Export Finance

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Amir-Hossein Zamani-Nia

Vice Minister, International Affairs
Ministry of Petroleum

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Terms and Conditions


Please read this declaration carefully to ensure that you are complying with trade sanction requirements.

  • Iranian individuals and entities that are sanctioned by the UK government, the EU, the US government and/or are subject to any other applicable trade sanctions, or entities owned or controlled by sanctioned individuals or entities, cannot attend this conference

  • U.S. persons cannot attend this conference.  A U.S. person includes U.S. citizens, U.S. residents, U.S. corporations (including their foreign subsidiaries and branches).

By applying to attend this conference you are confirming that you do not fall into either of the above categories.

Euromoney reserves a final right of veto on attendance at the conference and right to refuse entry to anyone.

Euromoney may screen conference attendees and may decide not to accept an application from any individual to attend the conference in its sole discretion.

The conference is free to attend for international banks, international fund and asset managers, multilaterals, development banks, regulatory bodies and select media (Qualifying Delegates).

Non qualifying delegates will pay a fee of €1,000 (+ any applicable taxes). 

Visa Information

As of 19 November 2017, the earliest available appointment at the France Visa Application Centre is 12 December 2017 (subject to availability at the time of request received).

Please note that the processing time for the visa application at the Embassy of France in Iran is up to a minimum of 15 calendar days. 
If you intend to visit several Schengen States and the stays will be of equal length, you must apply at the Consulate whose external borders you will cross first. If you intend staying a longer period of time in one Schengen state then another, you will need to apply from that State consulate first. Applications must be submitted no later than the 3rd week of January (15 to 19) for a trip before February 8, 2018.

Please use this website if you wish to apply for Visa to France in Tehran (Iran) http://www.vfsglobal.com/France/Iran/Prepare-Your-Application.html 


This step will inform you about all the information you require while preparing your application, including visa fees as well as the required supporting documents depending on your visa type.

This step will inform you step by step the process that needs to be followed before you visit the Visa Application Centre in Tehran.

This step will inform you on how to track your application online, timings for passport collection and other information you might require before your travel.

Download Visa Application form according to the visa type and arrange the required documents required according to the checklist corresponding to your personal situation or to the purpose of your visit. This will minimize risks of rejection of your visa application due to incorrect or inadequate documents.

For a stay of no more than 90 days within any period of 180 day within the Schengen area. http://www.vfsglobal.com/France/Iran/pdf/France-Iran-SS.pdf

Visa applicants applying at the VFS Centre must pay Service fee of 25 Euros in addition to the Visa fees of 60 Euros. The Service fee must be paid in cash (in Euros) the Visa fee are fixed in Euro and charged in local currency based on the French Consular exchange rate.

VFS Centre 
France Visa Application Centre,

11th Floor, Palladium Shopping Center,
Tehran Province, Tehran, District 1, Moqadas Ardabili Street, Iran
Please use the Southern Entrance at Oruzi Street before 9:00AM as Palladium Shopping Centre opens after 9:00.

VFS helpline on: +98 21 2767 4000 (Except Friday, Saturday & holidays specified by The Embassy of France in Iran). 
E-mail to: info.franceiran@vfshelpline.com 

If you require further infiormation about any of the above, please contact Nadia Abid nadia.abid@euromoneyplc.com.

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