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Euromoney LiveStream: Austerity vs MMT

05 August 2020


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3pm BST Wednesday 5th August. REGISTER HERE.

Is there really a magic money tree?  Government finances post pandemic with Constatin Gurdgiev.

The course of the pandemic is anything but certain, but as global debt/gdp is forecast shortly to hit more than 100%, might the medicine be worse than the illness? We’re taking an in-depth look at the options facing public finances across the world in 2021 and beyond.  Will inflation re-emerge and when? Are we destined to entrench inequality through decades of austerity or can modern monetary theory ride to the rescue and usher in a new era of socially beneficial investment? We have, as our guest, the eminent economist Constantin Gurdgiev. We’ll debate these points and more LIVE on 5th August at 3pm BST.


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