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The China Debt Capital Markets - Virtual Series 中国债务资本市场 - 线上研讨会

18 June 2020
Online, China - Hong Kong (SAR)


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GlobalCapital & Euromoney Conferences


Southern Asset Management

Event Overview

Virtual Panel: Exploring opportunities for medium to long-term investors in entering the Chinese Bond Market

The Chinese bond market has officially become the second biggest in the world. However, bonds with a tenor longer than 10 years still only took up roughly 4% of the total issuance while those with tenors shorter than one year took up 54%. As the country’s population ages and its capital markets mature, it will be important to nurture more long-term investors as well as longer duration investments. At the moment, many pension funds are still investing in treasury bonds and policy bank bonds. These assets are safe, but they tend to generate very low returns. What can be done to nurture a more diverse group of long-term investors including insurers and pension funds? On the flip side, what regulatory changes need to happen to encourage more Chinese corporations to issue bonds with longer tenors?

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线上专题研讨会: 中长期投资者如何参与中国境内债券市场


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Rebecca Feng

GlobalCapital China

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Na Li

Director of Fund Finance Department
National Council for Social Security Fund

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Hai-Peng Li

Deputy General Manager & Chief Investment Officer (Fixed Income)
China Southern Asset Management

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Eric Liu

Director, Asia Fixed Income

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