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GlobalCapital/ECBC Baltic Covered Bonds Roundtable

25 April 2019
Riga, Latvia


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Event Overview

Baltic covered bonds come of age: a GlobalCapital / ECBC Roundtable

The Baltic Covered Bonds Roundtable, hosted by GlobalCapital and ECBC, will bring together high-level policymakers and regulators, as well as issuers and investors from the Baltic region and beyond. This interactive roundtable discussion will provide participants with the ideal opportunity to review the latest developments in the covered bond markets in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We’ll look at the future of pan-Baltic co-operation and the rationale for harmonised legal framework in the Baltics – as well as the implications of the covered bond directive for the region. We will also consider the role that covered bonds will play in meeting the funding requirements for banks in the region and their impact on the wider economy. Our expert speakers from the region’s ministries of finance and central banks will update the market on latest legal milestones in the development of legislative frameworks in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.


ECBC Plenary meeting

29th ECBC Plenary Meeting - Riga, Latvia

24th April 2019

The ECBC Plenary meetings are the key covered bond bi-annual networking events. They gather more than 300 participants including key decision makers from the covered bond industry, issuers, investors, government & regulatory officials at both national and EU level, rating agencies, journalists, etc. from over 35 covered bond jurisdictions.

Please visit the ECBC website for more information: https://hypo.org/ecbc/event/save-date-29th-ecbc-plenary-meeting-riga-latvia/


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