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Executive Briefing 2019: Cybersecurity

17 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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Cybersecurity in financial services is becoming more than a necessity, it’s becoming a differentiator. Regulators, customers and staff all expect institutions to be on top of cybersecurity and make sure that internal and external systems are bulletproof. But if cybersecurity can be that and cost-effective, flexible, emergent and responsive to user needs then it becomes a source of competitive advantage to the institution and its stakeholders. Customers are sensitive to excessive security and become frustrated if it prevents them doing what they want and need. Regulators have little patience for institutions which aren’t ahead of the curve.

In the first of our 2019 Executive Briefings we will look at how financial sector cybersecurity is evolving, where it is going and what institutions need to do to ensure they don’t just survive but thrive!  We’ll have experts, regulators and practitioners considering the issues from both strategic and operational perspectives with plenty of time for interaction, discussion, learning and experience-sharing. Join us for a fascinating and focused session on 17 September 2019.

For speaking enquiries please contact Isobel Mitchell on isobel.mitchell@euromoneyplc.com

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