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Special risk survey: Coronavirus dampens enthusiasm for China

17 February 2020 |

Euromoney asked its panel of Asia analysts to assess the effects on investor risk of the novel coronavirus (Covid-2019) disease outbreak. This, the first of two reports on the survey results, focuses on how it will affect investing in China.

HSBC’s first green deposit account targets Singapore and UK corporates

17 February 2020 |

HSBC launched its green deposit account in the first week of February with a deposit from a building materials company.

Is Argentina headed for the rocks?

17 February 2020 |

The rhetorical battle between Argentina’s government, the IMF and bondholders is heating up but the bigger – largely ignored – issue appears to be the country’s looming financial collapse.

China’s state banks close branches as coronavirus spreads

14 February 2020 |

As the death toll rises, China’s big state lenders are being forced to shutter branches and Beijing has reacted by disbursing loans to afflicted companies – but the sector is also hit by slowing credit growth and a sharp rise in NPLs.

Costa Rica’s debt plans will illuminate LatAm risk appetite

13 February 2020 |

The country needs to raise up to $4.5 billion in the international markets this year – and it won’t be easy.

XP’s Benchimol pushes for the top in Brazil

13 February 2020 |

XP has been outperforming even its most optimistic analysts’ projections in recent quarters.

China’s RMB is less popular as it ages

12 February 2020 |

In 2016, China’s currency seemed on target for global reserve status. These days, the renminbi appears stuck in reverse, with Beijing looking on passively as its status shrinks and it slides down the global rankings.

South Korea’s Woori Bank profits by attaching itself to Oscar-winning film Parasite

12 February 2020 |

Woori Bank’s investment in Parasite has paid off handsomely, as punters around the world flock to see the first foreign language winner of best picture.

Coronavirus: DBS Bank evacuates 300 as staffer tests positive

12 February 2020 |

DBS evacuated 300 employees from Tower 3 of Singapore’s Marina Bay Finance Centre, after an employee tested positive for coronavirus. It comes as banks across the region re-examine worst-case scenarios as the pathogen spreads.