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War on latency driving banks to put FX engines in Singapore

24 January 2020 |

FX market participants are responding to Singapore’s desire for physical location of matching and pricing engines in the city-state.

Argentina’s default risk a tale of central bank failure not just government mismanagement

23 January 2020 |

Risk survey contributor Steve Hanke puts the blame on central bankers as Argentina dives, pushing the country below Egypt in the global risk rankings.

Libor: Banks must jump before they are pushed

21 January 2020 |

Banks must prove to the increasingly impatient regulators that they have got Libor transition under control, or face costly consequences down the line.

Why you might buy a burger with bitcoin in Venezuela, but not Europe

21 January 2020 |

Cryptocurrencies have a specific use-case in countries where local currencies are in crisis, but elsewhere they remain a volatile speculative investment and will struggle to take off as a means of payment.

Harper tees up the pros and comms

21 January 2020 |

The former head of communications for Greater China at HSBC opens a consultancy in Hong Kong.

First Kenyan shilling green bond lists on London Stock Exchange

20 January 2020 |

Kenyan property developer Acorn Holdings has issued a small but smartly structured bond programme, which will remove barriers to entry for local market bonds as local currency bonds retain appeal.

Asia fintech panel: Baring the Soul

17 January 2020 |

Dianrong’s founder is the host with the most… interruptions.

Houlihan Lokey sees mid-cap opportunity in ECM advisory

17 January 2020 |

The traditional debt specialist is aiming to round out its growing European franchise with an equity capital markets advisory business.

Concerns still roil the money markets after a quiet new year

17 January 2020 |

Calm in the money markets over the new year will not silence growing calls for the Federal Reserve to provide a standing repo facility.