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CEE 2021| Panel VIII: Back to normality? Or permanent change to the economies of central Europe?

25 February 2021
Euromoney Conferences

• Which economic, political and behavioural responses to the pandemic can’t be un-invented? And which were temporary? • Paying the bill. How much debt have governments take on? will they ever be able to repay? Should we worry? • Rethinking the social contract: will covid-austerity cause populism 2.0?


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CEE 2021| Panel VI: A new relationship with the Euro – pegs, ERM and the alternatives

25 February 2021 | Euromoney Conferences

• The decision to join ERM II – what are the right conditions? What preparation is needed? • Political and social attitudes: how much buy-in do you need from politicians, banks, citizens? • You’re stuck with it when you are in: how to gauge the right level for currency: euro conversion?

CEE 2021| Panel V: Rethinking the role of central bankers in a post-pandemic world

25 February 2021 | Euromoney Conferences

• What’s the target? Possible outcomes of the ECB’s review...and its implications for non-Euro central banks • How has Covid changed the monetary behaviour of the economy? And how must central bank policy respond? • Like last time? Comparing the 2008 financial crisis and the pandemic, and the appropriate responses